''Oktava - Museum of the machine tools''

Tula (Russia)

The museum area that is dedicated to the history of machine tools has been organized in a way that illustrates exemplarily the use of semi-transparent screens and multimedia audiovisual means in contemporary museum installations.Here in the center you can see a real lathe ...
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... illuminated by blue light with a superimposed white rendering, which is obtained with the projection of a video on a semi-transparent support: a backdrop made of grey BCI - Cinecittā tulle.The overlay projections alternate and the rendering is replaced ...
... by a title, ИСТОРИЯ СТАНКИ: history of machine tools.The captions give an impression of depth, because they are projected on two layers placed at a distance of a few meters from each other.The projection on the first backdrop arrives from above, crosses the tulle and ends up on the ground, also contributing to give depth.
The colour of the lathe lighting has changed, and at the same time the caption, ИСТОРИЯ ИЗОБРЕТЕНИЕ, history of the invention, has also changed.
This side view highlights how depth effects ...
... and overlay effects are achieved.Taking a step back ...
... this is what the exhibition looked like at the end of its set-up, with the ambient lights on.The history of machine tools is told using 16 authentic historical specimens.Each machine was raised on a platform and placed between two backdrops ...
... which have different levels of translucency.The backdrop on the left in the foreground is made of grey BCI - Cinecittā tulle. The second, beyond the machine, is in grey EVA - Aurora voile and has a slightly higher density than tulle.The machine tool is illuminated by two spotlights with variable intensity and colour, whose action is coordinated with that ...
Oktava - Museum of the machine tools of Tula, 2018
Semi-transparent screens:
- No. 16 BCI - Cinecittā tulle, 05. holo grey (5 x 3 m and 4 x 3 m)
- No. 16 EVA - Aurora voile, 23. holo grey (5 x 3 m and 4 x 3 m)

- laser phosphor Barco F90-4K DLP (11.800 ANSI Lm)
art direction of Oktava museum of Tula
Technical installations
Show Consulting
Installation of projection supports

Materials used in this production

BCI - Cinecittā

Scrim and bobbinet fabrics

EVA - Aurora


Flat making

Fabric: tailoring types

Information on data processing