HSP - Tempesta Poly digital printing

Silk for scenography

The HSP - Tempesta Poly synthetic silk as it appears wothout digital printing.The softness and the semi-transparency are similar to those of HSE - Tempesta silk which, however, remains inimitable for its lightness (22 g / m≤ against 32 g / m≤ of HSP - Tempesta Poly) and for its light diffusion properties.However ...
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... if the two types of silk, natural and synthetic, are compared after being printed, the differences are greatly reduced.The colour saturation with the HSP - Tempesta Poly silk print is very high, to the best of the possibilities for a fabric of this type.The colour saturation, moreover ...
... is almost identical on both sides of the fabric.Upon careful examination the rear is very slightly more desaturated, but, one can see in the image, the difference is at the limit of perceptibility.
The HSP - Tempesta Poly has some important advantages over natural silk.If the two fabrics are compared after printing, the HSP - Tempesta Poly digital printing silk keeps its softness unaltered.In addition ...
... it has a wider width and is cheaper.In the image, the backlight transparency of the synthetic silk HSP - Tempesta Poly digital printing.
Teatro Comunale of Bologna, ''Otello'' The HSP - Tempesta Poly digital printing lends itself well to the creation of large light and semi-transparent backdrops.The digital printing on HSP - Tempesta Poly ...
... has a practically identical appearance on both sides of the fabric and allows this Frontward lifting curtain to be observed from the front or from the back almost indifferently.
Eros Ramazzotti, ''Calma Apparente'' The Kabuki curtain made of HSP - Tempesta Poly digital printing with front lighting ...
It is the digital print version of the HSP - Tempesta Poly synthetic silk.
The new printing technique gives excellent results, superior to those already excellent obtainable with the HSE - Tempesta digital printing and with lower costs due to the larger printable width.
The HSP - Tempesta Poly digital printing maintains the original softness of the fabric intact even with maximum colour saturation.
If observed in transparency, the printed subjects are visible on both sides in an almost identical way, a feature shared with the EVA - Aurora digital printing voile which, however, is used almost exclusively for backdrops to be hanged statically.
Flame reaction
IFR - inherently flame retardant
EN 13501-1 class B s1 d0
EN 13773 class 1
DIN 4102 class B1
Oeko-Tex Standard 100
100% polyester
32 g / m≤
Printing method
Printable width
310 cm
Usable width in tailoring
306 cm

minimum order 30 m≤

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Teatro Comunale di Bologna, ''Otello''

Teatro Comunale di Bologna, ''Otello'', 2022

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Eros Ramazzotti, ''Calma Apparente''


Teatro Comunale, ''Otello''

Lyric opera

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