The Auditorium, the main hall of the Riojaforum.Entirely covered by maple wood, the hall it is equipped with perfect acoustics and it can count on the highest quality sound equipment.
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The stage is equipped with a Stage masking composed of No. 24 parts made of black FMB - Macbeth 400 black velvet.In detail, the Stage masking consists of a Traveller curtain made with flat making measuring 25 x h 10.2 m, a valance, No. 7 tops ...
... and No. 14 wings that, here with straight installation, allow a glimpse, from this angle, on the fly system of of the stage.
The Flyloft ...
... and the Stage masking seen from the back of the stage, and the hall.The Auditorium is a large space with maximum functionality, which can easily accommodate any type of artistic representation, from symphonic concerts to opera, as well as large-scale congresses or conventions.
The Sala de cámara is a secondary hall of the Riojaforum ...
... smaller than the Auditorium, but of the same quality level.
The stage of the Sala de cámara is equipped with a Stage masking ...
The Riojaforum is a large public building intended to host conferences and shows.
It includes an auditorium with a capacity of 1,223 spectators which is the largest theatrical space in Rioja, a Spanish region famous all over the world, among the rest, for its homonym wine.
Inaugurated in 2004, the Riojaforum also includes a hall for smaller shows with a capacity of 418 spectators.
The stages of both halls are equipped with a black FMB - Macbeth 400 velvet made Stage masking.
José Manuel Barrio
Alberto Sainz
renewal of the Stage masking

Materials used in this production

Flat making

Fabric: tailoring types

FMB - Macbeth 400


Stage maskings

Acoustic curtains

Traveller curtains

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