Weave of fabrics


AJR - Rarola, plain-woven fabric with a loose weft.More exemples:GRA-RagnatelaGGI-GarzaIndustrialeGTR-TarlatanaRigidaASL-TelaScenoLeggera
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AJT - Hessian, plain-woven fabric.
ATS - Toscana, plain-woven fabric with a compact weft.More exemples:ASC-TelaScenoATT-TelaTeatroAPO-PelleOvoANM-TelaNomentana
COT - Oscurante Teatro, twill-woven fabric.More exemples:COS-TelaOscuranteCPA-PannoBoccascena
ATO - Iago, twill-woven fabric with ribs in both sides, called herringbone.
HSW - Twixy, satin weave fabric.The satin weave gives the fabric a different look on the two sides, one is matte and the other more shiny.
DPI - Piermarini. Damasks are woven with satin weave, normally using a Jacquard loom.More exemples:DDN-DamascatoDonizettiDFA-DamascatoFalstaff
AMA - Margherita, huck lace weave fabric.More exemples:BZQ-TulleTramanet15BZT-TulleTramanet34
The weave is the way in which the warp threads of a fabric intertwine with the weft threads (the threads that go from one selvedge to another).
It determines the type of fabric obtained through the weaving operations.