Teatro Sociale, ''Macbeth''


Some of the semi-transparent backdrops created according to the indications of the scenographer Margherita Palli.The set designer and maker Keiko Shiraishi paired the black USC - Nylonet scenography net with the black BZQ - Tramanet 15 net, which was used as a stretched support on which to fix the USC - Nylonet net with wrinkles and folds that make it more textured and three-dimensional.Finally ...
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... they were decorated with a reflective gold paint using the dripping technique.One of the parts is photographed here on the ground in the realization workshop, while ...
... in this photo you can see two of the shaped wings during the performance.The front lighting casts the enlarged shadows of the decorations made by dripping against the black background.
Melodrama in four acts
Giuseppe Verdi (1813-1901)
First night
Florence, Teatro della Pergola, 14/3/1847

Costume design
Gianluca Sbicca
Scenographic creations
Light design
Gigi Saccomandi
Technical direction
Cesare Agoni
Stage direction

Teatro Sociale di Brescia

Materials used in this production

BZQ - Tramanet 15

Scrim and bobbinet fabrics

USC - Nylonet

Stage nets

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