Teatro Real, ''L'Orfeo''


The bucolic scene of the first act.Orpheus and Euridice are surrounded by a choir of nymphs and shepherds who are dancing and twirling their impalpable tunics of variously coloured HSE140N - Tempesta - Not flameproof silk.In the background ...
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... a Rear-projection screen made of RCO - Colorado creates a horizon of shrubs and crowns of trees among which, in the distance, one can see a temple.The RCO - Colorado screen also backlights the scene ...
... in the fifth act, in which Apollo descends from heaven to punish Orpheus.The sun and the reliefs of the ground in the background are rear-projected, while the relief of the ground in the foreground and the cloud with Apollo's chariot are two wheeled Ground rows made of painted and framed ASC - Sceno muslin.
Fable in music in five acts
Claudio Monteverdi (1567-1643)
First night
Mantua, Palazzo Ducale, 24/2/1607

costume design
William Orlandi
Technical direction
Manuel Fontanals
Stage direction
Gilbert Deflo

Teatro Real of Madrid

Materials used in this production

ASC - Sceno

Muslin and canvas

HSE - Tempesta

Silks and satins

RCO - Colorado

Rear-projection films

Rear-projection screens

Rear-projection screens

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