Nuevo Teatro Alcalá, ''Todo es Gila''


The Nuevo Teatro Alcalá is currently performing the the musical Grease, but it must interrupt it to host the memorial evening of the unforgettable comedian Miguel Gila, still very popular in Spain twenty years after his death.However, the production has to fix a problem: the disassembly of the proscenium of Grease for a single evening and its rearrangement are long and expensive ...
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... so the stage designer David Pizarro invents the masking represented in this sketch, in which a large trapezoidal Ceiling and two fabric wings extend fan-shaped towards the center of the hall.
The backdrop is then made of red COS - Oscurante cloth with 100% convergent fullness.To install it, the smaller base, which is 11.5 m wide, is hung in front of the proscenium ...
... while the main base, 17.5 m wide, is raised towards the center of the hall as if it were a valance.The wings, shaped at the bottom, are 4 m wide and 8.4 m high.After the lighting rehearsal, the stage will be ready for television shooting.
On the twentieth anniversary of the death of the great Spanish humorist, actor and cartoonistMiguel Gila (1919-2001), some of Spain's best comedians reinvent and update his classic monologues.
With Arturo Valls, Dani Rovira, Joaquín Reyes, Ana Morgade, Ignatius Farray, Ernesto Sevilla, Pantomima Full, Carolina Iglesias, Victoria Martín, J.J. Vaquero, Héctor de Miguel, Juan Carlos Ortega, Valeria Ros.
First night
Madrid, Nuevo Teatro Alcalá, 9/11/2021

Stage direction
José Miguel Contreras
Arturo González-Campos

Materials used in this production


Frames for stagecraft

Convergent fullness

Fabric: tailoring types

COS - Oscurante

Duvetyne and blackout fabrics

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