BKZ Oktyabrsky, ''Love and death in Venice''

Saint Petersburg

The rehearsal of the show.It will lead the audience on a rather unusual musical journey in the Venetian eighteenth century, because it will be accompanied by a consistent and surprising visual part.A backdrop made of 05. holo grey BSU - Super Gobelin tulle, with a 16 x h 10 m size, is hanging behind the performers ...
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... and it is here illuminated from the front and therefore it's lacking in transparency.The tulle backdrop will constitute the main element of the scenography ...
... being projected frontally, rear-projected and illuminated from multiple directions by means of a carefully developed lighting and video design.The tulle backdrop divides the stage into two parts ...
... and the rear one can be made to appear at will ...
... with varying degrees of transparency ...
... or it can become a wall that makes what's behind it invisible, when it is not illuminated.A row of spotlights placed on the ground along the proscenium line allows to illuminate the backdrop from below and to project the silhouettes of the performers.
The characters who are in front of the backdrop, thanks to its variable transparency, can interact with those who are behind it.The narrative tools available to the stage direction and to the lighting, video and set design include the subjects projected onto the backdrop ...
... and the variation of the lights placed on its front and in the back of the stage, which illuminate the tulle itself and the characters with infinite combinations of intensity and colours, highlighting them, as it happens here with the two dancers standing in front of the backdrop ...
Vivaldi. Love and death in Venice
Antonio Vivaldi (1678-1742)
First night
Saint Petersburg, Annenkirche, 31/5/2019

Lighting design
Andrey Oleinik
Video design
Maxim Shipachev
Stage direction
Evgeniya Zima

BKZ Oktyabrsky of Saint Petersburg

Materials used in this production

BSU - Super Gobelin

Scrim and bobbinet fabrics

Flat making

Fabric: tailoring types

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