QSR - Miroplan

Panou din oglindă fără sticlă

When viewed from a close distance, QSR - Miroplan panels have a mirroring effect similar to that of a normal glass mirror.They have a certain rigidity, a characteristic that does not allow the accentuated possibilities of distorted reflection that is typical of QSF - Miroflex mirror sheets.
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The picture underlines the slight flexibility of QSR - Miroplan mirror plates used to obtain a undistorted reflection of the images mirrored.
QSR - Miroplan mirror plates are covered by a protective film that preserves the integrity of mirroring surface during the transportation and installation.

The comparison between the thickness of QSF - Miroflex (1 mm) and a QSR - Miroplan (3 mm).
Teatro Verdi di Pisa, ''Paride ed Elena'' In the foreground, some QSR - Miroplan mirror panels used to realize some scenographical mirrors. On the flowing walls, that open on a RAR - Arizona Fundal cu iluminare spate, they were applied some big mirroring panels realized with some plates of silver QSF - Miroflex that the scenographical workshop submitted to a superficial treatment in order to confer them an aged appearance.
Campionatul Mondial de Natație 2009 A choreography that used No. 20 framed QSR - Miroplan mirror plates and a series of empty frames that simulated other mirrors to create some spectacular optic illusions.
QSR - Miroplan mirror panels are semi-rigid and, within certain limits, unbreakable.
They are used in scenography or for other applications where, for safety reasons, it is not possible to use glass.
Their mirroring properties are superior to those of QSF - Miroflex flexible sheets and, at close range, are similar to those of a normal crystal mirror.
For greater reflection sharpness even at greater distances it is advisable to use QST - Mirocryl plates.
The mirror plates can be fixed on rigid supports with silicones without solvents or vinyl adhesives.
Or by means of VBI - Bia Tape double-sided adhesive tapes (VBG - Bire Tape when a higher adhesive power is required).
To protect the panels in an optimal way during transport, it is recommended to use a special pallet measuring 205 x 105 x h 15 cm.
Reacția la foc
ignifug permanent
UNI 8177 clasa 2
DIN 4102 clasa B2
bază din polistiren
suprafață din poliester metalizat
3,0 kg / m²
3,0 mm
100 x 200 cm (toleranta dimensionala -0,1% / +0,3%)
Metoda de ambalare
foaie cu folie de protecție
mirror finish
matt black backside
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2009 World Aquatics Championships: QSR - Rigid Mirror

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Campionatul Mondial de Natație 2009


Teatro Verdi di Pisa, ''Paride ed Elena''

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