pentru scenotehnic

8TA5046 - Aluminum tube Ø 50 mm round sect. for Top battensfor Tuburi de balast8TA 3027 - Aluminum tube Ø 30 mm round sect. for Tuburi de balast8TF 34 - Galvanized iron tube Ø 28 mm round sect. for Tuburi de balast
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Teatro Sociale Bonoris Top battens made of Tevi pentru scenotehnic and used to hang a Mascatura scena made of COS - Oscurante molton.They are part of a Stangi manuale system made of Mantegni, 3E - Franghie Poly, 4LR - Rolouri lemn and a wooden Podul de scena.
Laura Pausini, ''Greatest Hits World Tour'' A top made of black COS - Oscurante molton is lowered on the stage and it shows a silver lozenge decoration painted with the NRD - Broderie pictata technique.The top is hung from a Top batten by means of WLA - Bride.
María Pagés, ''Utopia'' The elastic backdrop made of LWE - Windel hangs from a curved Top batten and is endowed with a curved Tub de balast tending its underside.The Tub de balast is used to lift the bottom edge of the backdrop in an arc and bring it back to the ground.
Tableau vivant It is not unusual to find the Tevi pentru scenotehnic employed in the realization of many light structures.
Polyvalent Center of Brusaporto Realization with 8TA5046 - Aluminium tube with round section for flybars Ø 50 mm.
If required, the Tevi pentru scenotehnic can be bent up to a radius of 50 cm.
Bétonsalon, ''Hier revient ...'' Double-sided curtain made up of natural and night blue COS - Oscurante molton.It was hung to a raw Ø 5 cm Tub aluminiu, curved with a constant 6.25 m radius and fixed to the ceiling with 8C50 - Cleme Ø 50 mm.
The Tevi pentru scenotehnic with a round section are used to make the Top battens and the Tuburi de balast.
The Top battens are bars for hanging light loads, such as borders, wings, light backdrops and screens.
They can be secured to the bearing structures with various accessories, including the 8C50 - Clemă Ø 50 mm piuliță M8.
If movable to be lifted by Stangi manuale, they are supported by textile ropes usually tied with clove hitches.
The distance between the fixing points depends on the load and does not exceed 3 m.
Top battens of various lengths can be made by joining the segments with their connectors, normally without exceeding 12 m, in which case they require at least 5 suspension points.
The Tevi pentru scenotehnic are also used for the Tuburi de balast to be inserted in the bottom pocket of backdrops and screens, these too to be joined with connectors, with no length limits because they are supported by the backdrops themselves.
Upon request, the Tevi pentru scenotehnic can be curved and enamelled.
8TA 030-15 - Tube cu round section for aluminum flybars Ø 30 mm
Ø external
Ø internal
30 mm
27 mm
1,5 mm
lungime of the bars
600 cm
370 g / m

8TA 050-20 - Tube cu round section for aluminiu flybars Ø 50 mm
Ø external
Ø internal
50 mm
46 mm
2 mm
lungime of the bars
600 cm
815 g / m

8TF 34 - Tube cu round section for galvanized iron flybars Ø 28 mm
Ø external
Ø internal
27,75 mm
23,05 mm
2,35 mm
lungime of the bars
600 cm
1.410 g / m

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