Cortina cu deschidere tip fluture si ghilotina

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This opening combines the movement of the Cortina cu deschidere tip fluture cu that of the Cortina citaliană.The carrying bar is lifted cu the cortina fastened at its top, și at the same time the two tails of the cortina are opened by means a rope that pulls a central point of each half at the corresponding top corner of the proscenium.
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The Cortina tip fluture si ghilotina is proper for various kinds of realization. In the sketch, the diagonal cables are sent to a fixed point. The climb up of the counterbalanced carrying bar set în partea de sus automatically causes the traction of the cables. The diagonal cables can directly be sent also to the cage of the contragreutăți și and they can have a double speed. In this case the cortina, in its complete opening, it stops at around the half of its înălțime și remains set on the sides.
Theatre art deco A Cortina tip fluture si ghilotina made of ASC - Sceno260 during the movement of opening.The two tails of the curtain are drawn towards the high corner gathering the drapery, like in the Cortina citaliană and ...
... at the same time of opening movement, similarly to the Cortina citaliană the entire curtain is raised up behind the arch of the proscenium as in the Cortina cu deschidere tip fluture, but without disappear completely.
Eurodisney Cortina tip fluture si ghilotina ...
... made of FBR - Bruxelles velvet.
Défilé ''Christian Lacroix'' A small Cortina tip fluture si ghilotina made of FBR - Bruxelles that opened the entry to the gangway of a fashion parade.
The Adventure of the Curtain'' Max Littmann (1862 - 1931), Prinzregenten-Theater. Ansicht Gegen die Bühne, view of the stage of the Prinzregententheater of Munich (1900).Drawing with pencil on heliographed tracing paper, 49 x 62,7 cm.V. Morpurgo, L'avventura del sipario, Ubulibri, 1984, page 145.Littmann was a German architect very active in the production of theatres in Germany between the end of '800 and the first decades of the last century.He made several projects that illustrate, with many details and technical explanatory notes, as sophisticated and accurate were, in those times already, the design and manufacturing of curtains.
The making of the Cortina tip fluture si ghilotina is identical to that of the Cortina citaliană.

It is normally made with falduri verticale and each of the two halves, with central opening, is equipped with a cable with guide-rings sewn on the back.

Like the Deschidere italiană system, the Deschidere tip fluture si ghilotina uses a fly facility to raise the curtain's tails, but the structure carrying the curtain is raised simultaneously with the tails with a harmonious movement.

The need for lifting makes the Cortina tip fluture si ghilotina less suitable than the Cortina citaliană for low-height stages.

A Deschidere tip fluture si ghilotina system can theoretically always perform the Deschidere italiană movement as well, it is sufficient to deactivate the connection between the lifting device of the tails and the lifting device of the supporting structure.

In cases in which it is possible to do the opposite and operate the lifting while leaving the tails immobile, the mechanical system can work as a Deschidere ghilotina with curtain with falduri verticale.

The Deschidere tip fluture si ghilotina is also compatible with the Deschidere greacă system, with which it can be combined.
- straight
- shaped
- double tail și central surmount
- single tail for lateral opening

Manual operation
- Stangi manuale (light cortine only)
- Stangi cu contragreutati
Motorized operation
- 2MT - Motoare cu canale pentru cabluri pentru stangi
- Stangi electrice

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