1Z - Hand Line Pulleys


1Z01 - Adjustable floor pulley Hand line pulley designed for floor fixing. The tension of the rope is manually adjustable by means of two knobs that allows to move the pulley within vertical slots with an excursion of 200 mm.
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1Z02 - Weight floor pulley Single wheeled pulley equipped with a snap hook for attaching a ballast (not included), usually a 5 or 10 kg sandbag.It is generally used where it is not possible to fix a permanent pulley to the floor.
1Z03 - Spring loaded floor pulley Fixed floor pulley equipped with traction spring to maintain a costant tension of the ropeSupplied as standard with eyelet screw for wooden floor fixing.On request, it can be equipped with a different type of fixing screw.
1Z04 - Floor pulley with foot stirrup Suspended pulley at floor level, with a stirrup tensionable by foot pressure.Provided with two holes for floor fixing, if needed.
For manual rope operation in track systems:
- Atlas
- Kompas
for Cortina grecești and for translational movements of backdrops, Flats, Set pieces and various props.

For use with textile ropes:
- 3E - Franghie Poly
- 3C - Franghie de canepa
up to 8 mm diameter.

All metal parts are matt black powder coated.
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