Booth Nanis Jewels

Vicenza (Italy), ''VicenzaOro''

Fragments of silver QSF - Miroflex mirror plates ...
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... cut out in various shapes ...
... and suspended to threads of black NTR - Tripolina.
The perimeter of the booth, 23 m by 6 m of height ...
... was turned into a glimmering and semitransparent evening dress ...
... that also conferred to the preparation an elegant symbolism ...
... consistent with the productive activity developed by the Italian firm.
Fragments of silver QSF - Miroflex mirror plates ...
Made of silver QSF - Miroflex, 1.750 small mirrors with heart and oval shapes suspended to long threads of black NTR - Tripolina surrounded with sparkling reflexes the booth of Nanis at VicenzaOro, the important international exhibition appointment that gathers the manufacturing firms of ''top jewellery'' of the whole world.
Paolo Marangon
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Materials used in this production

NTR - Tripolina

Materials for string curtains

QSF - Miroflex

Mirroring materials

Tripolina string curtains

Projection / transparency backdrops

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