ASC - Sceno

Cotton muslin for scenography

A backdrop made of ASC1000S - Sceno width 1.000 cm - Flame retardant painted by Paolino Libralato that was 22 m wide and 12 m high. Teatro alla Scala, ''Il ritorno di Ulisse in patria''
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A backdrop made of ASC260S - Sceno width 260 cm - Flame retardant painted by Rinaldo Rinaldi, width 22 m and height 10,5 m. Teatro Lirico, ''Hans Heiling''
ASC320S - Sceno width 320 cm - Flame retardantA detail of a small painted backdrop.
The clear elegance of a backdrop made of ASC430S - Sceno width 420 cm - Flame retardant 00. natural used by this minimal scenography of a fashion parade. Défilé - Milan
Example of ASC600S - Sceno width 600 cm - Flame retardant with special dyeing. Congreso Confederal UGT
The ASC - Sceno digital printing are made of ASC320S - Sceno width 320 cm - Flame retardant 00. natural with Vertical fullness making 100%.The ceiling of the hall was realized with the same way of the walls. Occidens - Catedral de Pamplona
ASC1000S - Sceno width 1.000 cm - Flame retardant 99. black used on the stage of a business convention to give prominence to the screens. Business convention - Milan
A gigantic red wave painted with monochrome technique by Rinaldo Rinaldi on a backdrop made of ASC1000S - Sceno width 1.000 cm - Flame retardant, whose impact is amplified by the reflexes on the QSF - Miroflex of the side walls. Teatro Verdi di Pisa, ''Paride ed Elena''
Plain woven cotton muslin, available in five widths and different colours, flame retardant or non flame retardant.

ASC - Sceno is the most versatile fabric in scenography and it is used for cycloramas, backdrops, draperies, ceilings and much more.
Frequently used for light diffusion, thanks to its closed, medium size yarn, ASC - Sceno is also a perfect base to paint on.
Excellet for digital printing.
Flame reaction
FR - flame retardant or
NFR - not flame retardant (only in natural version)
FR certification
EN 13501-1 class B s1 d0
EN 13773 class 1
DIN 4102 class B1
100% cotton
200 g/m²
260 cm
320 cm
420 cm
600 cm
1,000 cm
1,200 cm
± 47 m (width 1200 cm)
± 60 m
Packing method
folded fabric
Available colours
see colour chart
Custom colours
quantity min ± 500 m for width 300 ± 420 cm
quantity min ± 120 m for width 620 ± 1.200 cm

Front lighting
Rating 5.0 (black colour excluded)
Rating 3.5 (black colour excluded)
Rating 5.0

by the metre
in full bolts/rolls
in ± 500 m pallets (only for heights of 260 cm and 320 cm)
in custom realizations

Colour chart

NON FLAME RETRARDANT00. natural (raw cotton)
FLAME RETARDANTASC260S-TelaSceno260ASC320S-TelaSceno320ASC430S-TelaSceno42000. natural01. white04. grey (width 320 and 420 cm only)99. black
FLAME RETARDANTASC600S-TelaSceno600ASC1000S-TelaSceno1000ASC1220S-TelaSceno120000. natural01. white03. grey (width 600 and 1.000 cm only)99. black

Video & Documentation

Rinaldo Rinaldi: the magic of the painted scene

Occidens - Catedral de Pamplona

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