Compagnia Goliardica M. Baistrocchi


On the background, an Austrian curtain manufactured with QGS - Glamé Star, colour gold.The company has traditionally composed ...
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... by only male actors, as the founder prescribed in order to enhance a disrespectful and transgressive comicness present during the shows.The Austrian curtain ...
... is here in open position against the background ...
... of a Rear-illuminated backdrop made of RAR - Arizona.The male actors, in perfect consonance with the univertsity students' spirit, don't disdain to perform in dancers shoes too.
Curtain and draperies with concentric fullness manufactured with HLU - Lucilla 54. red, used for the scenographies of another show of the company.
The manufacturing of a curtain with concentric fullness made of silver QGS - Glamé Star that will be used by the company ...
... and here the curtain was hung ...
... for the finishing touches.
The Compagnia Goliardica M. Baistrocchi was founded in 1913 in Genoa by a group of students led by Mario Baistrocchi, died in war four years later at Bainsizza.

Enzo Tortora as an author and Paolo Villaggio as an actor debuted there, and Fabrizio De Andrè, Mario Migliardi, Umberto Bindi, Giorgio Calabrese were in the company during the beginning of their musical careers.
Giacomo Rigalza
Stage direction,
Piero Rossi

Materials used in this production

Austrian curtains

Typology of curtain

Concentric fullness

Fabric: tailoring types

HLU - Lucilla

Metallic aspect fabrics

QGS - Glamé Star

·Limited fabrics·

RAR - Arizona

Rear-projection films

Rear-illuminated backdrops

Vinyl backdrops: typologies

Information on data processing