Teatro Regio di Torino, ''Aida''


The statue that towers suspended on the altar is between a backdrop realized in BSU - Super Gobelin (from which it shines through) and a Rear-illuminated backdrop realized with the RTE - Temporale film, that back-light on its turn also the tulle creating a blue soft environmental light.One of the monumental and impressive scenes of Carlo Diappi, that already in other occasions htryed his hands with a great cinema director (Nikita Michalkov, in Oči čjornye), while in the theater they are very known and interesting his repeated collaborations with theatrical directors of the caliber of Luca Ronconi, Giancarlo Cobelli and Federico Tiezzi. In the image: in the temple of Volcano, the big priest Ramfis lifts in front of the ''Mighty Fthà'' the sword with which he is about to consecrate Radamès as a chief of the Egyptian army.
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The backdrop is made of painted ANM - Nomentana.Amneris, daughter of the king of Egypt, is assisted by the handmaids in one of her apartments and prepares herself to celebrate the victory of the Egyptians.
The awaited direction by William Friedkin disappointed who waited for contortions of the canons or abstruseness, but not the estimators of the classical interpretations of the masterpiece of Verdi. In the foreground, all the protagonists: the king of Ethiopia Amonasro with his daughter, the enslaved Aida; to the center Radamès, captain of the watches and the daughter of the king of Egypt, Amneris; to the right, the king of Egypt and the big priest Ramfis.
The Rear-illuminated backdrop made of RTE - Temporale assumed here a jade green colour.
Opera in four acts
Giuseppe Verdi (1813-1901)
First night

costume design
Carlo Diappi
Light design
Andrea Anfossi
Technical direction
Saverio Santoliquido
Stage direction

Teatro Regio of Turin
2005 / 2006

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ANM - Nomentana

Muslin and canvas

BSU - Super Gobelin

Scrim and bobbinet fabrics

COS - Oscurante Molton

Duvetyne and blackout fabrics

HSE - Tempesta

Silks and satins

RTE - Temporale

Rear-projection films