ATP - Tappeto 430 Canvas


A painted floor made of ATP - Tappeto 430 Canvas.
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ATP - Tappeto 430 Canvas
ATP - Tappeto 430 Canvas

Frames with white BGO - Gobelin Tulle.On the floor, ATP - Tappeto 430 Canvas painted. Teatro alla Scala, ''Madama Butterfly''
Painted floor made of ATP - Tappeto 430 Canvas. Teatro Bonci, ''Bastien und Bastienne''
The same floor painted on ATP - Tappeto 430 Canvas used in another show. Teatro Bonci, ''Bastien und Bastienne''
Heavyweight woven canvas. Closed texture, extremely sturdy and resistant.
Commonly used as a textile floor or as a support for particular scenographic works.
Also very suitable for painting.
Flame reaction
NFR - not flame retardant
this product can be treated with YFT - Ecoflamtex to reduce flammability
100% linen
430 g/m²
300 cm
± 30 m
Packing method
folded and rolled-up fabric
Available colours
see colour chart
Custom colours

Rating 5.0
Rating 2.0

by the metre
in full bolts/rolls
in custom realizations

Colour chart

ATP - Tappeto 430 CanvasNA. natural

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