Decorative vinyl backdrops and coverings


The shiny black wall was realized with two backdrops welded with Welding without superposition, made of the film QLA - Laccato.The backdrops have been stretched, thanks to the elasticity of the film, on two frames specially made, of which one curved. Wall made of black Laccato
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Wall made of black Laccato
A welded backdrop made of different tonalities of yellow QLA - Laccato with Welding without superposition. Booth
Custom realizationsThe backdrops are virtually manufactured without dimensional limits (the production of pieces that overcome the 1.000 m≤ of surface is quite frequent). Besides, it is possible to use different materials in the composition of the same welded realization. That in the picture, for instance, is formed with horizontal strips of the film for frontal projections PBO - Bianco Ottico and strips of film for rear-projections RNB - Nebbia. TF1, ''Les Restos du Coeur'' 2
Decorative backdrops are realized, as well as with films for decorative purposes only (for instance the QLA - Laccato film), even with films that are normally used for projections or rear-projections, when the appearance, consistency or colour of the films are considered suitable for the purpose (for instance, in order to realize a backdrop of silvery appearance it could be used the PSS - Superscreen 3D film).

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TF1, ''Les Restos du Coeur'' 2

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Wall made of black Laccato

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