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In the Fly curtain, also told German opening systems or guillotine systems, the curtain, constituted by whole part fixed aloft to a bar or a Truss , opens lifting vertically.By lifting the entire supporting structure of the curtain, it is normally compatible with any other type of opening.
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A mechanism of Fly curtain with a counterweighted manual activation.
Teatro San Carlo Fly curtain with the possibility of ...
... of Swag opening and Traveler opening
Opera House of Cairo A big motorized Fly curtain made of FOT - Otello velvet.Alternatively the curtain can be lifted with a motorized Swag curtain.
Teatro Comunale of Bologna, ''Salome'' A curtain with concentric fullness made to be used with a Fly curtain.The curtain, that is 14 m wide and 10,50 m high, was made of FTA - Tancredi 500 470. dark red velvet.
Teatro Municipal de São Paulo, ''Macbeth'' Backdrop with Fly opening made of black FOT - Otello velvet with flat making.It is the largest of the No. 24 parts that made up the Stage masking created specifically for this scenography.The velvet backdrop opens to reveal a Rear-illuminated backdrop made of RNV - Nevada.
Congress Centrum Suhl The mechanism of the Fly curtain can be applied to the lifting of backdrops too, as in this case where, in a big polyvalent hall, they have been installed quite a lot of Acoustic curtains with Austrian drapery and sound absorption functions.The backdrops are lifted with a mechanical Fly opening system when the public arrives to occupy the highest terraces.
With the Fly opening the scene is revealed from below for its entire width.
The mechanical system consists of a load-bearing structure, normally a truss that can be raised by means of a fly facility, which allows the curtain to rise up to completely free the proscenium.
In this way the curtain is raised as a whole, allowing the compatibility of this opening with practically all types of curtains and making.
It requires a stage height at least twice the height of the curtain.
The Fly opening system is also used for the Fire curtains, safety systems which, in the event of a fire, allow the stage to be instantly separated from the theater hall. The separation takes place by instantly lowering, adhering to the stage, a wall with adequate fire resistance characteristics.
- with Truss
- straight
- shaped (semi-circle, round, ellipse, polygon, etc.)

Manual operation
- Manual fly facilities (light curtains only)
- Counterbalanced fly facilities
Motorized operation
- 2MT - Pilewind hoists for motorized fly facilities
- Motorized fly facilities for flyloft

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QSX - Strippix Fly Curtain

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Congress Centrum Suhl

Curtains for multi-purpose settings

Opera House of Cairo

Curtains for historical theaters

Teatro Comunale, ''Salome''

Lyric opera

Teatro Manzoni, ''Musical! Award''


Teatro San Carlo

Curtains for historical theaters

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