Horizontal fullness making


A round Austrian curtain made of gold HLU - Lucilla fabric with Horizontal fullness making. Cruise liner
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Austrian curtain made up with QSG - Super Glamé, colour 1 white / iridescent film, with Horizontal fullness making. Theatre art deco
A big Austrian curtain manufactured with HRT - Rasetto Texturé, colour 105 pink. Opernhaus, ''Wiener Blut''
Austrian curtain made of white HRT - Rasetto Texturé.
Big mobile Acoustic curtains made of FOT - Otello with Austrian drapery. Congress Centrum Suhl
Some Acoustic curtains made of FBR - Bruxelles with Austrian drapery used for the optimization the acoustics of a theatrical hall. Teatro dell'Opera dei Pupi
Austrian curtain with fly opening made of black HSE - Tempesta 14 x 7 m.Made with 28 vertical strips with Horizontal fullness making 200%. Teatro Pergolesi, ''Don Giovanni''
A motorized Austrian curtain. Teatro Camploy

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