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In the Fly curtain, also told German opening systems or guillotine systems, the curtain, constituted by whole part fixed aloft to a bar or a Truss , opens lifting vertically.By lifting the entire supporting structure of the curtain, it is normally compatible with any other type of opening.
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A mechanism of Fly curtain with a counterweighted manual activation.
Teatro San Carlo Fly curtain with the possibility of ...
... of Swag opening and Traveler opening
Opera House of Cairo A big motorized Fly curtain made of FOT - Otello velvet.Alternatively the curtain can be lifted with a motorized Swag curtain.
Teatro Comunale of Bologna, ''Salome'' A curtain with concentric fullness made to be used with a Fly curtain.The curtain, that is 14 m wide and 10,50 m high, was made of FTA - Tancredi 500 470. dark red velvet.
Teatro Municipal de São Paulo, ''Macbeth'' Backdrop with Fly opening made of black FOT - Otello velvet with flat making.It is the largest of the No. parts that made up the Stage masking ...
... created specifically for this scenography.The velvet backdrop opens to reveal a Rear-illuminated backdrop made of RNV - Nevada.
With the Fly opening the scene is revealed from below for its entire width.
The mechanical system consists of a load-bearing structure, normally a truss that can be raised by means of a fly facility, which allows the curtain to rise up to completely free the proscenium.
In this way the curtain is raised as a whole, allowing the compatibility of this opening with practically all types of curtains and making.
It requires a stage height at least twice the height of the curtain.
The Fly opening system is also used for the Fire curtains, safety systems which, in the event of a fire, allow the stage to be instantly separated from the theater hall. The separation takes place by instantly lowering, adhering to the stage, a wall with adequate fire resistance characteristics.
- with Truss
- straight
- shaped (semi-circle, round, ellipse, polygon, etc.)

Manual operation
- Manual fly facilities (light curtains only)
- Counterbalanced fly facilities
Motorized operation
- 2MT - Pilewind hoists for motorized fly facilities
- Motorized fly facilities for flyloft

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QSX - Strippix Fly Curtain

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Teatro Comunale, ''Salome''

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