PNE - Nerissimo

Front projection film

PNE - Nerissimo A. embossed matte black (vision side)B. smooth shiny black (back)
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Teatro dell'Opera of Rome, ''A Roman in Mars'' PNE - Nerissimo screen, size 9.22 x h 5.22 m.The screen is mounted with WPE - Perofix elastic hooks ...
... on an exposed frame made of 7QX30 - Square trusses 29 cm.The animations by Gianluigi Toccafondo use the screen in an expressionistic way, exasperating the high contrast and black depth obtainable with the PNE - Nerissimo film.
Magazzini del sale, ''Plessi - Trilogy'' Vertical Frontal projection screen displayed in an exhibition dedicated to the pioneer of video art Fabrizio Plessi, who chose the film PNE - Nerissimo for its deep blacks and high contrast, considering them ideal for this situation.The screen area ...
... is used in three vertically aligned sections, each measuring 3.5 x h 2 m.Each section houses the video sequences, projected simultaneously, of one out of three historical installations conceived by Plessi ...
... for the Belgian director and choreographer Frédéric Flamand.The screen is highlighted by the grazing lighting on the bricks of the fifteenth century Magazzini del sale that the Academy of Fine Arts of Venice uses for its own temporary exhibitions.
Lorenzo Jovanotti, ''Ora'' Projections on a Frontal projection screen realized with the PNE - Nerissimo film during a great pop music tour ...
... which used a total of 7 PNE - Nerissimo screens of various sizes ...
Flame reaction
IFR - inherently flame retardant
FR certification
EN 13501-1 class B s1 d0
UNI 9177 class 1
DIN 4102 class B1
NFPA 701 pass
100% PVC
550 g / m²
0,40 mm
180 cm
100 m
Packing method
visual side embossed and matte

Peak gain
0,27 β
Front projection
Rating 2.0 brightness
Rating 5.0 contrast
Rating 4.0 color fidelity
Rating 4.0 cone of vision
Rating 5.0 anti parasitic light (interference environmental light)
Rating 2.0

by the metre (folded or rolled, max. 25 m rolls)
in full rolls
in tailor made creations

Colour chart

PNE - Nerissimo A. embossed matte black (vision side)B. smooth shiny black (back)

Video & Documentation

360° Panoramic screen PBL-Blackout

This material was used for...

360° Panoramic screen PBL-Blackout

Screens for public places

Lorenzo Jovanotti, ''Ora''


Magazzini del sale, ''Plessi - Trilogy''

Exhibitions, art, architecture

Teatro alla Scala, ''Fidelio''

Lyric opera

Teatro Dante Alighieri, ''Falstaff''

Lyric opera

Teatro Dante Alighieri, ''Macbeth''

Lyric opera

Teatro dell'Opera, ''A Roman in Mars''

Lyric opera

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