Tripolina string curtains


Maggio Musicale Fiorentino, ''Swan Lake'' A Tripolina string curtain 07. light grey, height 6,5 m, is suspended to a semicircular structure ...
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... and it creates a hemicycle that follows the circular profile of the lake and is used as a surface for frontal projections.
Louis Vuitton, ''Objets Nomades 2022'' The density of the strings can be adjusted using multi-layered Tripolina string curtains.In this case there are three layers, illuminated from above and from inside with LED strips incorporated into the hanging supporting structures.
Ravenna Festival, ''Pietra di diaspro'' The stage is frontally veiled by a black Tripolina string curtain, while on the sides there are two wings of white NTR - Tripolina.This is an emblematic staging ...
... for the use of the NTR - Tripolina string backdrops, because it fully uses all the characteristics of this material.In the middle of the stage it is installed ...
... a tubular backdrop made of white NTR - Tripolina.Behind the two ZSM - Magic Mirror backdrops installed on the stage with an angling of 90°, two more backdrops made of white NTR - Tripolina have been installed.All the NTR - Tripolina backdrops ...
... have been used by this scenography both in projection and in transparency, with the exception of the side bands that were used with frontal projection only.The stage and visual designer Ezio Antonelli inserted the two ZSM - Magic Mirror backdrops ...
... in a spherical cap with a staircase to climb it, while each side of the proscenium he provided two wings made of white NTR - Tripolina that form a 90° angle.1 - Tripolina string curtains, white colour2 - Tripolina string curtain, black colour3 - ZSM - Magic Mirror backdropsThe proscenium ...
- wall / transparence effect
- original slightly striped aspect of the backdrops
- the actors can cross the threads


thanks to the modularity the width of the backdrops doesn't have a limit
the length of the threads is virtually without limits (for instance up to 25 m)
Attention: modules with a height greater than 9 m are sold with a slightly higher height and must be trimmed at the time of installation

the modules can be suspended through the finishing of the top side with:
- WVE - Velcro 3 cm loops (+ WVA - Adhesive velcro hooks on demand)
- WCP - PLP Strap + sewn WLA - Ties
- WRI - Ruflette

against light
Rating 4.5
Wall effect
with frontal lighting
Rating 4.5
Frontal projection
Rating 4.5 - white
Rating 3.5 - grey
Rating 2.0 - black
Rating 4.0 - white
Rating 3.0 - grey
Rating 1.5 - black

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Ravenna Festival, ''Pietra di diaspro''

Ravenna Festival, ''Pietra di diaspro''

This material was used for...

Booth Nanis Jewels

Commercial premises

Claudio Baglioni, ''Q.P.G.A.''


Convention of a car firm, presentation


Maggio Musicale Fiorentino, ''Swan Lake''


NTL - Tripolina Lurex

Materials for string curtains

NTR - Tripolina

Materials for string curtains

Ravenna Festival, ''Pietra di diaspro''

Lyric opera

Teatro Carlo Felice, ''Pagliacci''

Lyric opera

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