QSK - Retrafilm

Heat shrink mirror film

The QSK - Retrafilm is extremely thin, almost impalpable.The film can be fixed to a special aluminum frame to obtain ...
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... of mirror panels ZSK - Ultralight Mirror.The absence of elasticity of the QSK - Retrafilm provokes the impossibility to fix it to a frame without some folds, especially in proximity of the corners, however ...
... the heat produced by a hot air generator causes the QSK - Retrafilm to stretch ...
... which retracts until it stretches out perfectly ...
... as shown by this detail of a mirror heat-shrink panel made with QSK - Retrafilm film.
The manufacturing of a ZSK - Ultralight Mirror.
Hamama Showroom The QSK - Retrafilm is also used for the making of creased backdrops.
Teatro San Carlo, ''Tristan und Isolde'' The sea was realized with the QSK - Retrafilm opportunely worked in folds.Illuminated by small and dense flashes of light in circular motion ...
QSK - Retrafilm is a very light transparent polyester film covered with an aluminum veil which, if properly stretched, creates a mirroring surface of excellent quality.
The film is thermosensitive, it shrinks at temperatures above 70 °C, a property that is used to stretch it perfectly on special aluminum frames, creating mirror panels characterized by extreme lightness, exceptional sharpness of reflection, absence of danger and transparency in backlighting (lower than that of QSM - Magic Mirror Film).
The film strips can be joined with a transparent adhesive tape on the back to create crumpled backdrops with original reflective characteristics, very sensitive to air movement and slightly noisy.
The film is very resistant to traction and not very resistant to tearing.
Flame reaction
hardly flammable
polyester + aluminium vapors
30 g/m²
0,02 mm
246 cm
1.000 m
Packing method
Available colours
Custom colours
not available

Light reflection
Rating 5.0
against light
Rating 4.0
it stretches using a hot air gun

in 20 m long rolls
in tailor made creations ZSK - Ultralight Mirror and QSK - Retrafilm creased backdrops

Colour chart

QSK - Retrafilm01. silver

This material was used for...

Exhibition stand

Commercial premises

Hamama showroom

Commercial premises

Teatro Massimo, ''I Vespri siciliani''

Lyric opera

Teatro San Carlo, ''Tristan und Isolde''

Lyric opera

ZSK - Ultralight Mirror

Mirror / transparent backdrops

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