VBI - Bia Tape

Double-sided tape

VBI - Bia Tape
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VBI - Bia Tape
The VBI - Bia Tape can be easily detaches without leaving residuals.
VBI - Bia Tape is a removable double-sided tape that is used to fix several types of covering floors to their supporting flooring.
It has an good adhesive power but, if necessary it easily detaches leaving no residue.
It is also widely used in installations in general as an adhesive for several kinds of films, plates and fabrics when the surface to which the previous ones must be attached is smooth and regular.
For uneven surfaces (raw wood, masonry walls, etc.) it is necessary to use a stronger double-sided tape, for example VBG - Bire Tape.
adhesive material on detachable support
50 mm
Roll length
25 m

and with

in full rolls
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