TCA - Capriccio

Matt floor

TCA - Capriccio The section highlights the resistant wear layer and the foam structure reinforced with glass fibers.
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TCA - Capriccio 63. chroma key green
Art Theatre Anton Chekhov of Moscow, ''Three Sisters'' On the stage, 22. yellow TCA - Capriccio floor.
Eros Ramazzotti, ''Ali e Radici'' The floor of the stage was covered with TCA - Capriccio digital printing floor ...
... that imitates the plates of the containers.
Laura Pausini, ''Greatest Hits World Tour'' Black TCA - Capriccio floor with Digital printing.
Tiziano Ferro, ''Nessunoèsolo'' The stage was covered with 72. light blue TCA - Capriccio floor.
TCA - Capriccio is a floor for scenography, decoration, exhibition settings and events.
It has a resistant wear layer that protects a foam structure that is reinforced with glass fibers, the presence of which limits the tensile deformability of the floor and makes it more suitable than a normal decorative dloor, such as the TCA - Capriccio, for example. be used in installations that require a certain resistance to deformation and wear.
The same characteristics, surface hardening and reinforced structure, make it possible to be used it as a surface that can be used by most kinds of dance in performances that do not involve extreme athletic steps.
TCA - Capriccio is also easy to lay and is available in a wide range of colours.
It is therefore a particularly versatile floor and it is suitable for a considerable variety of applications.
Flame reaction
IFR - inherently flame retardant
FR certification
EN 13501-1 class Bfl s1
PVC, fiberglass
2 mm
1,33 kg / m²
200 cm
25 m
Packing method
Available colours
see colour chart
Custom colours
not available

Proper for dance
Rating 1.0
For scenography
Rating 5.0
Rating 5.0

Adhesive tapes
for the coverage of union lines
VSI - Sivia Tape (00. transparent)
Double sided tape
for fixing on the supporting floor

in full rolls

Colour chart

TCA - Capriccio 01. white13. beige22. yellow35. orange43. fuchsia45. red48. bordeaux51. lilac
TCA - Capriccio 61. turquoise63. chroma key green65. green72. light blue75. blue77. dark blue85. brown
TCA - Capriccio 92. light grey94. grey96. dark grey98. anthracite99. black
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