VBR - Bidi Tape

Differentiated double-sided tape

VBR - Bidi Tape The adhesive side attached to the detachable support is the one with the strongest adhesive power.Usage1. Attach the tape to the floor2. Remove the detachable support3. Lay the floor on the tape4. Go over the floor to make it adhere perfectlyWhen the floor is removed, the tape will remain attached to the floor.VBR - Bidi Tape is intended for temporary applications.
VBR - Bidi Tape is a double-sided adhesive tape which has a different adhesive strength on the two sides.
It is removable and it is used to fix several types of covering floors to their supporting flooring.
It is useful when it is necessary to quickly remove a floor from the place of installation and restore it without leaving traces.
By attaching the less adhesive side to the supporting floor, when the covering floor is removed, the tape will also be removed in a single operation.
adhesive material on detachable support
50 mm
Roll length
25 m

in full rolls
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