WAM - Metal rings

For fabric creations

WAM - Metal ring 10. inside ě 10 mm - nickel20. inside ě 20 mm - nickel30. inside ě 30mm - nickel40. inside ě 40 mm - nickelWAP - Plastic ring 12. ě interno 12 mm - black
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WAM - Metal ring - 50. inside ě 50 mm - nickel60. inside ě 60 mm - nickel70. inside ě 70 mm - nickel
WAM - Metal ring 10. inside ě 10 mm - burnished12. inside ě 12 mm - nickel12. inside ě 12 mm - burnished

WAM - Metal ring inside ě 40 mm covered with plastic - nickel
Arena Sferisterio, ''Andrea ChÚnier'' WAM - Metal ringinside ě 10 mm - nickelRows of rings of this type were used for guides ...
... of the 3P - PLP String of the Roman opening of a backdrop with the colours of the French flag.
galvanized metal

as an accessory for tailor made creations

This material was used for...

Arena Sferisterio, ''Andrea ChÚnier''

Lyric opera

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Fabric: finishings and accessories

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