Vertical fullness


Winter Olympics Turin 2006 Venetian curtain manufactured with 150% sewn box vertical fullness.
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RAP - Standard + Lead chain Top .... : Strap + Eyelets + Ties every 25 cmSide ... : hemBottom : pocket 10 cm + Plomba
RGP - Standard with Strap for hooks + Lead chain Top .... : Ruflette at the backSide ... : hemBottom : pocket 10 cm + Plomba
RVP - Standard with Velcro at the front + Lead chain Top .... : Velcro at the frontSide ... : hemBottom : pocket 10 cm + PlombaRXP - Standard with Velcro at the back + Lead chain Top .... : Velcro at the backSide ... : hemBottom : pocket 10 cm + Plomba
Congress hall Traveller curtain made of FOT - Otello velvet with 100% sewn box vertical fullness.
Palaexpo Locarno Sound barrier curtain with 30 m of width and 10 m of height, made of FTA - Tancredi 500 velvet with 100% sewn box vertical fullness.
Fashion show ''Moschino'' The Traveller curtain made of purple red FMB - Macbeth 400 velvet with 100% sewn box vertical fullness has a theatrical inspiration and it is completed by a three-part valance made with concentric fullness.
Occidens - Catedral de Pamplona The backdrops made of ASC - Sceno digital printing muslin had been realized with 100% sewn box vertical fullness.As it is evident, the backdrops manufactured in this way can also be realized in a way that allows their horizontal installation.
The vertical fullness is the simplest and most widespread method for draping fabric curtains, backdrops and draperies.
The folds have a vertical drop and are made in various ways during the making up of the artifacts or at the time of their installation.
The fullness percentage indicates the ratio between the quantity of fabric used in width and the finished width.
Fullness %
. 50% - 1,5 m flat width = 1 m width with fullness
. 80% - 1,8 m ''
100% - 2,0 m ''
150% - 2,5 m ''
200% - 3,0 m ''

Main types
of vertical fullness for Main curtains and draperies:
with Strap
- Sewn box fullness
- Sewn knife fullness
- Tied fullness with Eyelets + Ties
- Perfect wave fullness
- Free fullness with Eyelets + Ties
- Free fullness with passing cable
- Gathered fullness with strings of Ruflette
- Fullness with sewn M Hooks

Video & Documentation

Gigantic swag curtain, opening test

Small Venetian curtain

Gigantic venetian curtain: test of closing

Theatre of Eagles

Occidens - Catedral de Pamplona

Motorized traveler curtain test

This material was used for...

''Baldomero Pestana''

Exhibitions, art, architecture

Congress hall

Curtains for multi-purpose settings

Fashion show ''MFW''


Fashion show ''Moschino''


Nuevo Teatro Alcalá, ''Todo es Gila''

Prose theatre

Showroom Sceno muslin

Commercial premises

Teatro Amilcare Ponchielli

Curtains for historical theaters

Teatro Carlo Felice, ''The Merry Widow''

Operetta, zarzuela, musical

Teatro de la Maestranza, ''Così fan tutte''

Lyric opera

Théâtre de la Ville, ''Mary Said What She Said''

Prose theatre

Torre Iberdrola

Curtains for multi-purpose settings

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