9SV - Axial system

for Venetian / Roman curtains / Austrian

Petit Théâtre Scheme of 9SV - Axial system with 10 lifting points ...
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... used for a Venetian curtain with Truss structure.
Cruise liner Example of 9SV - Axial system with 30 lifting points ...
... and transmission with Cardan joints ...
... used because of the round shape of the Austrian curtain.
Teatro Camploy The 9SV - Axial system with 13 lifting points used for a Austrian curtain ...
... with Truss structure.The stage of the theater is divided in two separate parts, one on the left and one on the right ...
... and it is endowed with a second Austrian curtain that is identical to the first one.The terraces of the hall ...
Opening system
for theatre curtains
usable with

Lifting points
- the configuraton is on demand
- fixed
- variable (optional)

This material was used for...

Costa Victoria

Public places

Petit Théâtre

Curtains for historical theaters

Teatro Camploy

Curtains for multi-purpose settings

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