9SW - Longitudinal system

for Venetian / Austrian / Roman curtains

Winter Olympics Turin 2006 The structure of support and containment of the big curtain endowed with motorized mechanisms of Swag curtain ...
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... and of Venetian curtain that uses a 9SW - Longitudinal system with 26 lifting points.
Oratory of San Martino A motorized system of Roman curtain without Truss ...
... that uses a 9SW - Longitudinal system with 10 lifting points.
Michel Sardou, ''Bercy 2001'' A circular Roman curtain with a motorized opening ...
... realized with four synchronized 9SW - Longitudinal systems ...
... with 10 lifting points each.
Renato Zero, ''Amo Tour'' The 2MT - Pilewind hoist for motorized fly facilities with 10 lifting points of a Roman curtain realized with a 9SW - Longitudinal system and ...
Opening system
for theatre curtains
usable with

Lifting points
- the configuraton is on demand
- fixed
- variable (optional)

Video & Documentation

Small Venetian curtain

Gigantic venetian curtain: test of closing

Roman curtain, opening test

This material was used for...

Laura Pausini, ''Greatest Hits World Tour''


Michel Sardou, ''Bercy 2001''


Oratory of San Martino

Curtains for multi-purpose settings

Renato Zero, ''Amo Tour''


Teatro Municipale - Upper hall

Curtains for multi-purpose settings

Winter Olympics Turin 2006, curtain


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