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Cruise liner A round Austrian curtain made of gold HLU - Lucilla fabric with horizontal fullness.
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Theatre art deco Austrian curtain made up with QSG - Super Glamé, 1. white / iridescent film, with horizontal fullness.
Opernhaus, ''Wiener Blut'' A big Austrian curtain manufactured with HSV - Trevi fabric.
Austrian curtain made of white HRS - Satenix.
Congress Centrum Suhl Big mobile Acoustic curtains made of FOT - Otello velvet with Austrian drapery.
Teatro dell'Opera dei Pupi Some Acoustic curtains made of FBR - Bruxelles velvet with Austrian drapery used for the optimization the acoustics of a theatrical hall.
Teatro Pergolesi, ''Don Giovanni'' Austrian curtain with fly opening made of black HSE - Tempesta silk, 14 x h 7 m made with horizontal fullness 200%.
Teatro Camploy A Austrian curtain.
The horizontal fullness is a manufacturing method for draped curtains, backdrops and draperies.
Quite laborious to perform, it requires the fabric to be divided into vertical strips to be pleated horizontally.
The drop of the pleats can be adjusted by acting on the width of the strips.
The fullness percentage indicates the ratio between the quantity of fabric used in height and the finished height.
The curtains elaborated in this way have a showy presence which, depending on the fabric, the making and the lighting, can be elegant, sumptuous, precious, evocative of historical places and periods, pompous, ethereal.

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Exhibitions, art, architecture

Congress Centrum Suhl

Curtains for multi-purpose settings

Costa Victoria

Public places

Opernhaus, ''Wiener Blut''

Operetta, zarzuela, musical

Teatro alla Scala, ''Die tote Stadt''

Lyric opera

Teatro Camploy

Curtains for multi-purpose settings

Teatro Comunale, ''Capriccio''

Lyric opera

Teatro dell'Opera dei Pupi

Curtains for historical theaters

Teatro Pergolesi, ''Don Giovanni''

Lyric opera

The Best Ever


Theatre art deco

Public places

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