Universiade 2013


The installation of the 360° Frontal projection screen for edge blending projections.The screen has the surface of a truncated cone: - superior circumference 163 m (Ø 52 m) - inferior circumference 126 m (Ø 40 m) - height 13,5 m- surface 1.950 mē- weight 670 kg
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The screen before its lifting.The projection film PSW - Stormywall was developed by Peroni, in collaboration with the lighting designer Yury Krasilnikov and the scenographer Anton Simani, specifically for the needs of this show.
Screenings during the general rehearsals.The upper screen contained ...
... No. 5 more PSW - Stormywall made 360° Frontal projection screens.The lower screens had a circular plan and they were concentric.They were all 3.6 m high and had a diameter, starting from the top in this image, of 14, 18, 22, 26 and 30.5 m.
Each of the concentric screens could be raised and lowered independently.Such mobility allowed the lower composite large screen ...
... to assume different configurations during the projections, reaching a maximum height of 18 m.
The show.For the projections on the upper Frontal projection screen ...
... No. 16 projectors with the edge blending mode were used.
Kazan, 6/07/2013 - 17/07/2013

Total surfaces for projection and rear-projection 5.720 mē :

Frontal projections
screens PSW - Stormywall - 3.200 mē
screens RAR - Arizona - 300 mē
Projections on tulle
backdrops BRL - Rexor - 2.220 mē

Production design
Creative direction
Anton Simani
Light design
Yury Krasilnikov

Video & Documentation

Kazan 2013, screens PSW - Stormywall

Kazan 2013, BRL - Rexor tulle

Kazan 2013, ''3D Books''

Kazan 2013, ''Water''

Materials used in this production

BRL - Rexor

Scrim and bobbinet fabrics

Frontal projection screens

Frontal projection screens

RAR - Arizona

Rear-projection films

Rear-projection screens

Rear-projection screens

Information on data processing