MSK - Skirbitz

Sparkling fabric

MSK - Skirbitz 11. silver14. copper
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MSK - Skirbitz 12. gold
MSK - Skirbitz 12. gold
MSK - Skirbitz is a lightweight composite fabric consisting of a polyester thread backing on which strips of reflective polyester film 2 mm wide are intertwined.
Due to the multidirectional orientation, the strips create a very eye-catching shimmer effect.
The fabric is two-way stretch because the polyester thread support is woven with knitted woven.
It is used to make curtains and backdrops with a metallic and sparkling look.
It is normally sewn with normal or reinforced overlock seams.
Thanks to its elasticity, it lends itself to being stretched on frames and to cover panels.
Flame reaction
NFR - not flame retardant (MSK 112N)
FR - flame retardant (MSK 112S)
FR certification
attestation of treatment with Alfammit MSG /
DIN 4102 class B1 (MSK 112S)
100% polyester
120 g / m²
112 cm
± 30 m
Packing method
Available colours
see colour chart
Custom colours
not available

± 10% in length
± 20% in width
(stretching in one direction reduces the elongation in the other)

by the metre
in full rolls
in tailor made creations

Colour chart

MSK - Skirbitz 11. silver12. gold14. copper18. red19. fuchsia21. blue22. sky blue
MSK - Skirbitz 25. green99. black

This material was used for...

Teatro Carlo Felice, ''The Merry Widow''

Lyric opera

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