2AW - Hand-crank W winch


2AW - Hand-crank W winch ...
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... for Manual winch fly facilities.
2AMP - Plate 5 in 1
4N - Pulley block SWL 500 kg
The 2AW - Hand-crank W winch is intended for the realization of Manual winch fly facilities.
It does not require securing the load at the end of lifting because it is equipped with a double safety brake system that makes it compliant with the German standard BGV C1.
Due to the construction characteristics required to comply with this standard, it is much more expensive than the 2AM - Hand-crank M winch.
Maximum load
300 kg
ō of the cable
6 mm (advised)
Max. length of the cable
10 m - 2AW 300-10 - Argano W 300-10
15 m - 2AW 300-15 - Argano W 300-15
(not included in the sale price)
Required effort
18 daN
Reduction ratio
8,83 : 1
Stroke per handle turn
4,9 cm
Weight without cable
30 kg

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Flyloft system

Rigging systems

Hand-crank winch fly facilities

Rigging systems

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