Hand-crank winch fly facilities


Manual winch fly facilities for Flyloft Metal grid for flyloft4N-CarrucolaNmultigola3A - Aircraft cable ō 4 mm and ō 6 mm1LCL-Collarea3fori7FX30-AmersPiatte2AMP-Piastra2AMM - Wall plate2AM-ArganoM
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Manual winch fly facilities for Self supporting fixed pulleys The 4N - N multi-race pulleys are fixed to the supporting structure with special accessories.The load-bearing structure can be made with a specially designed metal structure or in aluminum trusses modules, usually with a square or rectangular section proportionate to the required capacity.
Manual winch fly facilities with ceiling fixing The 4N - Pulley block are fixed to the ceiling with wall plugs.

2AM - Hand-crank M winch To secure the load:2AMP-Piastra2AMM - Wall plate8G 10G - Swivelling lifting eyeAt the end of the lifting, the two lifting eyes are connected with a safety chain equipped with WMR - Fast links links.
2AW - Hand-crank W winch It does not require securing the load at the end of the lifting because it is equipped with a double safety brake system.
Studio Foce Example of Manual winch fly facilities for Self supporting fixed pulleys made with 7QX30 - Square trusses 29 cm using:- 2AM - Hand-crank M winchAlso visible are the Manual fly facilities without winch for Self supporting fixed pulleys using:- Mantegno- black 3E - Poly rope
The Manual winch fly facilities are usually used for lifting loads higher than those of Manual fly facilities and for which the lifting speed is not important, for example for the trusses of the stage lights.
They are used both with Fixed pulleys systems and with Flyloft systems, above all for their economy compared to the Motorized fly facilities with fixed pulleys and the Motorized fly facilities for flyloft.
Due to the importance of the load they use steel cables and metal trusses, usually Aluminium trusses.
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