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Crepe muslin

AIC - Indiana
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AIC - Indiana The back-lighting underlines the lightness of the fabric.
Teatro i, ''Before the Retirement'' A small draped Brecht curtain made of AIC - Indiana muslin gathered to one side of the scene.The Brecht curtain, endowed with rings at the top and a pocket at the bottom, can slide all along a simple cable ...

... and in this image you can see him stretched out and back-lighted, in another situation during the show.
AIC - Indiana
Catedral de Palencia, ''Renacer'' Wings made of AIC - Indiana muslin used to highlight a painted canvas in an important exhibition setting.
AIC - Indiana is a cotton fabric with plain-woven.
It is light and semitransparent, the crumpling gives it a wrinkled and creped appearance, similar to that of a bark.
Originally from the Indies, this muslin became known in Europe starting from the seventeenth century, when it began to be used for various applications, including the making of clothes and curtains, precisely called "Indian".
Flame reaction
FR - flame retardant
FR certification
EN 13501-1 class B s1 d0
EN 13773 class 1
100% cotton
95 g/m²
± 235 cm
± 300 cm if the fabric is stretched
± 60 m
Packing method
Available colours
see colour chart
Custom colours
minimum order quantity
± 60 m for colours white, black
± 500 m for other colours

by the metre
in full rolls
in tailor made creations

Colour chart

AIC - Indiana 00. natural

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Exhibitions, art, architecture

Teatro i, ''Before the Retirement''

Prose theatre

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