BSUP - Super Gobelin Teatro

8 point polyester sharkstooth scrim 1.095 cm

BSUP - Super Gobelin Teatro 01. white
BSUP - Super Gobelin Teatro 99. black
BSUP - Super Gobelin Teatro is a 8 points / 2 threads sharktooth woven, polyester made, Tulle for scenography.
Its mesh is similar to that of BSU - Super Gobelin tulle, but, thanks to the polyester yarn composition, it retains fire retardancy even if it is wet or washed and is much more resistant and more suitable for outdoor use.

Short guides about tulle:
Properties of tulle for scenography
Meshes and colours
Flame reaction
IFR - inherently flame retardant
FR certification
UNI 9177 class 1
rectangular 3,0 x 1,7 mm
100% polyester
90 g / m²
1,095 cm
± 40 m
Packing method
Available colours
see colour chart

against light
Rating 4.0
Wall effect
with frontal lighting
Rating 5.0
Frontal projection
Rating 5.0 white
Rating 2.0 black
Rear projection
Rating 5.0 white
Rating 2.0 black
For painting
Rating 2.5
For digital printing
Rating 3.0

by the metre
in full bolts
in tailor made creations

Colour chart

BSUP - Super Gobelin Teatro 01. white * (23 m)99. black * (47 m) The outlined red line identifies the position of the selvage in comparison with the mesh.* availability limited to the indicated quantity

This material was used for...

Serrat y Sabina, ''Dos pájaros de un tiro''


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