RAR - Arizona digital printing


Digital printing rear-illuminated backdrop, 20 m wide and 12 m high, realized with the film RAR - Arizona. Teatro Comunale of Bologna, ''Orphée et Eurydice''
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A second backdrop of the same installation realized with the same technique and the same film RAR - Arizona in identical size of 20 x h 12 m. Teatro Comunale of Bologna, ''Orphée et Eurydice''
A big Digital printing rear-illuminated backdrop, manufactured with the film for rear-projection RAR - Arizona, on which it was printed a monochrome graphic view of Bernini's canopy in the Basilica of San Pietro, that symbolizes here the inside of the roman church of Santa Maria degli Angeli in wich the first act of Puccini's Tosca is played. ToscaMusic - Melodrama in three actsGiacomo Puccini (1864-1949) Scenography,costume designTechnical directionStage directionStaging - William OrlandiAngelo CanuGilbert DefloTeatro Massimo of Palermo

This material was used for...

Teatro Comunale, ''Orphée et Eurydice''

Lyric opera