2QE∙MV0 - MV0 panel board


2QE∙MV0 - MV0 panel board Front panel1. Main switch2. Emergency stop button3. Potentiometer (speed adjustment)4. Open5. Stop6. Close7. Remote / Local / DMX selector
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2QE∙MV0 - MV0 panel board Rear side - Connectors8. Remote pendant / Radio control connector9. Power supply 230 VAC10. Control cable connector11. DMX in12. DMX out13. DMX remote emergency button
2QE∙MV0 - MV0 panel board Optional parts2QEM-7G1-152RC-RadiocomandoC2RCT - Transmitter2RCR - Receiver
2QE∙MV0 - MV0 panel board Optional parts2QER-PulsantieraRemota∙01 - open / stop / close2QER-PulsantieraRemota∙02 - open / stop / close + speed adjustment
2QE∙MV0 - MV0 panel board Optional parts2QEXControllerDMX2QER-PulsantieraRemota∙ESB - Emergency stop button for DMX
2QE∙MV0 - MV0 panel board Dimensions
2QE∙MV0 - MV0 panel board Wall mounted
2QE∙MV0 - MV0 panel board 19-inch rack mounted
2QE∙MV0 is the specific panel board for powering and controlling the 2DR1 and 2DR2 motors for Rail systems.
Power supply
1 x 230 VAC - 50 Hz
other voltages available on request
435 x 225 x 330 mm
12 kg
- wall mounted
- 19-inch rack
Main functions
- open / stop / close
- speed adjustment
- acceleration / deceleration ramps adjustment
- emergency stop button
- local / remote / DMX selector
- remote control ready
- radio control ready
Optional functions
- DMX interface
Optional parts
- 2QEM∙7G1∙15 - 15 m control cable
- Push-button panel
- 2QEP - Remote pendant
- 2RC - Remote control C
- 2QEX - DMX512 controller

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