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Atlas - Track system For:- large stage curtains- cycloramas- scenic elements
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Track and components 1A01 - Track1A02 - Joint set1A03 - End stop1A04 - Overlap bracket1A05 - Offset fixing plate
Master carriers 1A10 - Master carrier1A11 - Master carrier1A12 - Master carrier1A14 - Master carrier1A15 - Overlap arms kit (2 pieces)
Carriers 1A20 - 2-Wheel Runner1A21 - 4-Wheel RunnerHigh load carriers 1A24 - Heavy duty carrier1A24B - Arm for 1A24 top cord1A24D - Rope clamp for 1A24 bottom cord1A25 - Scenery attachment clamp
Pulleys 1A30 - Return pulley1A31 - Head pulley1A32 - Central cord pickup1A33 - Offset return pulley1A34 - Offset head pulley1A35 - Line guide
Pulleys 1A40 - Return pulley1A41 - Head pulley1A42 - Overlap cord guide1A43 - Curve cord guide1A44 - Head pulley aligher1A48 - Offset line guide
1Z - Hand Line Pulleys 1Z01 - Adjustable floor pulley1Z02 - Weight floor pulley1Z03 - Spring loaded floor pulley1Z04 - Floor pulley with foot stirrup
Suspension parts 1A60 - Suspension bracket1A61 - Suspension bracket1A63 - Hook clamp1A64 - Hook clamp - direct track fixing1A66 - Suspension eyenut
The Atlas system is a professional solution designed to safely manage heavy and large stage curtains and scenery elements.
This versatile system is ideally suited for a wide range of contexts, including theaters, television studios, concerts, exhibitions, and more.
Its applications include:
- large stage curtains
- cycloramas
- scenic elements
Key features
- extremely robust, reliable, and quiet
- straight, curved, and mixed configurations
- bendable from a 100 cm radius
- simple and fast assembly
- a wide range of components
- high-load carriers
- 0.37 kW or 0.75 kW R1 Rope Drive System motorization

- extruded aluminum profile
- black anodized finish
- weight of 3.12 kg/m
- maximum bar length of 600 cm
- maximum support span of 300 cm
- minimum bending radius of 100 cm
Note: the table presents data for the maximum allowable loads applicable to the track only.
The track, the carriers and all suspending components are load bearing elements of the system and the load capacity of each component must be taken into account.
The overall load capacity of the system is determined by its weakest element.
Master carriers 1A10 to 1A14
- made of black powder-coated steel
- 8 wheels with ball bearings
- can be equipped with various accessory arms
- 50 kg load capacity
Runners 1A20, 1A21
- made of black powder-coated steel
- 360° swivel attachment
- 2 or 4 wheels with ball bearings
- rubber damper blocks
- 25 kg load capacity
High load carrier 1A24
- high-load cart made of black powder-coated steel
- 8 wheels with ball bearings
- fall protection device
- can be equipped with various accessory arms
- 150 kg load capacity

Operating rope
- black
- 8 mm diameter
- 100% high tenacity polyester rope

Fixing options
- batten mounting (tube/truss)
- ceiling mounting
- wall mounting with 1Z10 - Wall bracket
- girder / beam fixing with 1Z20 - Beam clamp
- ropes / wires suspension

Main configurations
- S. Single rail central opening
- D. Double rail central opening
- L. Wipe side opening
Drive system
- H. Hand pulled uncorded walk-along
- C. Corded manual (1Z - Hand Line Pulleys)
- M. Motorized with R1 Rope Drive System
Customized solutions can be developed to suit particular needs.

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Malpensa Fiere

Commercial premises

Teatro Fraschini

Curtains for historical theaters

Teatro Pirandello

Curtains for historical theaters

Teatro Sociale of Como

Curtains for historical theaters

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