WPL - Plomba

Утяжелитель для занавеса

WPL - Plomba - 400 г / м¹- 200 г / м¹- 150 г / м¹- 100 г / м¹
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WPL - Plomba - г / м¹
Крупный план кармана с WPL - Plomba весом 100 г/м у задника из EVA - Aurora
Крупный план кармана с WPL - Plomba весом 100 г/м у задника из EVA - Aurora
Городской Театр Болонья, ''Otello'' Распашной занавес with пошив вгладь (без складок) made of HSP - Tempesta Poly с печатью.22 m wide and 17 m high, the backdrop has a weight of only 15 kg in addition to the WPL - Plomba weights that have been sewn into the upper and lower hems.
Стенд банковской группы Эффект прозрачности ASL1000S - Light Sceno 1.000 cm сделано с пошив цилиндрических изделий.Внутри нижнего кармана фона, WPL - Plomba 200 г.
Театр Español, ''Ричард III'' Backdrops made of black BSU - Super Gobelin tulle with a trapezoidal shape that have a height of 7 m and a width of 2,40 m at the top and 2 m at the bottom.The side hems and the minor base of the trapezoids include the lead chain WPL - Plomba 200 g 99. black, which use ...
... allowed to stretch the BSU - Super Gobelin tulle both horizontally and vertically while maintaining the flexibility of the perimeter of the backdrops, allowing the actors to move them with their hands in order to cross them.Thanks to the force of gravity and the flexibility of the WPL - Plomba, the backdrops resumed their original position by stretching the fabric again.
The WPL - Plomba is a ballast made of a series of lead grains connected together and covered by a fabric sheath.
It is inserted in the hems and in the pockets of the perimeter of the fabric and vinyl backdrops to weigh them down in an extremely practical and effective way.
It is silent during the use of the backdrops, of which it supports the movements on stage without producing any noise.
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WPL - Plomba 100 гWPL - Plomba 150 гWPL - Plomba 400 г01. белый
WPL - Plomba 50 гWPL - Plomba 200 г01. белый99. черный

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Teatro Comunale di Bologna, ''Otello''

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