Мишель Сарду, ''Берси 2001''


Cylindrical Римский занавес with motorized opening made of iridescent HLU - Lucilla fabric.The direction used the properties of the fabric with transparency games (illuminating the curtain from the inside) and light reflection games (with external lighting).The curtain is here in its closed position at the end of the stage setting, while ...
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... this photo was taken during the first opening test.The curtain was 16 m high, had a 12 m diameter and an almost 38 m circumference.It was actually made of four independent sections, each of which covered a 90° angle of the cylinder ...
... and was driven by an Двигатель для специальных систем.Sections could be opened or closed simultaneously, singly or in pairs.

The circular supporting structure of the Римский занавес on the ground, during its assembly.It was made with a circle of 7QX30 - Квадратные фермы 29 см on which ...
... the Двигатели для специальных систем were fixed.Placed in the center of each section of the curtain, they were equipped with two winding drums, each with 5 grooves.The mechanical system of the curtain was therefore formed, as a whole ...
... by four synchronized 9SW - Продольные системы ad hoc for Venetian / Austrian / Roman curtains and endowed with 10 lifting points each.The HLU - Lucilla fabric of the curtain weighed 32 kg altogether, the accessories and the Верхние рейки ballast about 40 kg.

Мишель Сарду
Annette Camus
Jean-Claude Camus
Исполнительный продюсер
Roger Abriol
Lighting design
Jacques Rouveyrollis
Bernard Schmidt
Общее руководство
Michel Marseguerra

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Римский занавес

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3A - Авиационный Трос

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7QX30 - Квадратные фермы 29 см

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9W - Продольные системы ad hoc

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HLU - Lucilla

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