ShowLED Classic

С монохромным светом

Светодиоды ShowLED Classic одноцветные.Стандартный цвет светодиодов - белый, но также доступны красный, зеленый, синий и оранжевый.
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Массимо Раньери, ''Malìa, notti splendenti 1950-1960'' Massimo Ranieri and his Jazz Band.On the background, a ShowLED Classic backdrop 11 x 7 m illuminated with blue light and with all LEDs on at maximum intensity and ...
... the ShowLED Classic backdrop without lighting and with sparkling at a low intensity LEDs.
The ShowLED Classic backdrop used for the staging of the Worldwide Farewell Tour by Pavarotti.
ShowLED Classic
ShowLED ClassicReplaceable pull-and-push LEDs.
New ShowLED Conbox Controller for ShowLED Classic and ShowLED ChameleonOnce ShowLED Classic (unicolor) or ShowLED Chameleon (RGB) LED strings are linked to the controller, the unit will automatically switch to the respective control mode.With 8 output channels, a controller runs a maximum of 512 unicolor LEDs or 256 RGB LEDs.Given the standard density of around 6 LEDs per m² (randomly placed), one controller can run a starcloth surface of up to 100 m² for ShowLED Classic or 50 m² for ShowLED Chameleon.By linking several ShowLED Conbox Controller together in master-slave configuration, multiple panels can become one extended setup.On stand-alone mode, choose from twinkling effects, chase patterns, strobe effects, or see your options extended to control the full colour spectrum once linked to RGB LEDs.The ShowLED Conbox Controller offers an effect memory to save the preferred settings.The ShowLED Conbox Controller is DMX compatible and offers two DMX modes:1 - control of preset chases including:.... minimum and maximum intensity.... chase speed.... pattern behavior2 - full dimmer control of each individual output channel.Specifications- 8 output channels (RGB for ShowLED Chameleon) - DMX Compatible- Stand-alone mode with chase patterns - Clip-on LED string connectors- Powers 512 ShowLED Classic or 256 RGB Chameleon LEDs - RDM ready- Dimensions: 140 x 135 x 43 mm- Weight: 455 g
Custom realization and modularity The LED звездные задники are realised according to the specifications required of custom. The LED звездные задники can be realised moreover by assemblage of modules arranged through the use of Velcro and fast connectors prepared along the perimeter of the same.Fabrics The LED звездные задники, are composed of two layers, one outer from which sprout LED and one of lining, which is prepared the distribution system and power LED. Standard version:- external fabric COT - Oscurante Teatro - lining HSV - Trevi.
LED звездные задники ShowLED Classic with monochrome light LED.
Standard backdrops
- front fabric made of COT - Oscurante Teatro
- lining made of HSV - Trevi
- other fabrics or materials on demand
- feeding and distribution system of the LED between fabric and lining
- perimetric finishing with WVE - Липучка
Standard sizes
- 12 x 3 m
- 9 x 4 m
- 7 x 5 m
- custom sizes and shapes on demand

- standard density: 6 LED per m²
- high quality bluish-white LEDs with white viewing angle
- other available colours: red, green, blue, orange
- ultraflexible strings with 12 or 16 LED
- strings endowed with male/female connectors and WVE - Липучка fasteners
- each LED is pull-and-push replaceable

DMX compatible with 8 output channels and 2 DMX modes:
- control of preset chases (movement of the light along a LED strip), including speed of movement, minimum / maximum intensity, pattern behaviour;
- complete control of each output channel
endowed with stand alone device
manually programmable with the option of saving the settings directly into the controller
control up to 512 monochrome ShowLED Classic LEDs
(85 m² with the standard density of 6 LEDs per m²)
several backdrops can be controlled simultaneusly when linked together

by far superior to that of Задники с оптоволокном
- they can be lit continuously
- they can shimmer
- they can flash as the strobes
higher than Задники с оптоволокном (LED and power cables are almost unbreakable)
Power supply assembly
quick and easy thanks to the appropriate connectors
LED assembly
immediate fixation to the points of views of the backdrops thanks to velcro disks
Feed wires
thin and light, are recoverable and reusable in an extremely rapid and convenient way, without tangling and without damages

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Массимо Раньери, ''Malìa, notti splendenti 1950-1960''


Театр delle Erbe, ''Питер Пэн''

Оперетта, сарсуэла, мюзикл

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