Enrico Rava

Веруно (Италия)

Сцена собрана из платформ 6S - Standard, с покрытием из QPE - Resil.На концерте в Veruno, известном в джазовой среде как центр концертов, в которых каждый год принимают участие звезды итальянского джаза, Enrico Rava выступил с классическим квартетом: труба, тромбон, контрабас и ударные.
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During the long and fundamental stages in Buenos Aires, New York and London, where he also participates in the experimental avant-garde, Enrico Rava crosses the roads of Chet Baker, Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Gilberto Gil, Caetano Veloso, João Gilberto and those of a lot of other myths of the XX century. And it is really João Gilberto that gives him a suggestion of which Rava will make a treasure: «Play the necessary notes only. The other ones, try not to play them.» It will choose it in fact as title of his autobiography (Note necessarie, 2004, Minimum Fax publishing), extraordinary document on the jazz from the Years 1960s to our days, fruit of a long work developed by the journalist and musical reviewer Alberto Riva.
Rava's concert was followed by thousand of impassioned.

Enrico Rava would never have guessed to become a musician. «I was impassioned, to ten I had made a small altar to Bix Beiderbecke, I strummed the piano and I began to collect a lot of disks. I knew everything.To understand better, at high school with some friends we challenged ourselves with some questions such as: ''Who played the clarinet in the disk of Tom, Dick an Harry in thousand nine hundred and who knows?''.»
«I lived in Turin, in the daytime I worked in the firm of my father and the evening I played.The idea to do it for like a job was some as to think about becoming cow-boy or aviator.In Italy there was only Nunzio Rotondo that was jazz player of profession and few others that played in the orchestra of the Rai, the national television.There were other bands, but the people that formed them lived with another occupation: lawyers, dentists or who knows what else.»
The beginning sees him caught with a trombone (seized in a closet after a failure), but the definitive love at first sight arrives an evening of 1957: in Turin Майлс Дейвис played, «... and the following day I went to buy a trumpet.»
Enrico Rava (Триест, 1939) - итальянский джазмен с мировой известностью.

Ему случилось родиться в Триесте, в туринской семье, и его долгая карьера, начавшись с итальянской провинции 50-х годов, провела его по всему миру.Rava сотрудничал с протагонистами современной музыкальной сцены, такими как Gato Barbieri Archie Shepp, Don Cherry, Ли Кониц, Мишель Петруччиани, Патрик Брюс Мэтини, Roswell Rudd, Steve Lacy, Joe Henderson, John Abercrombie, Bill Dixon, Cecil Taylor, Charlie Haden, Jimmy Lyons, Mal Waldron, Marion Brown, Marvin Peterson, Paul Motian.

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