Модульные платформы на прямых стойках

Example of enlargement of a small proscenium to be realized with platforms 6A - Alta expressly shaped. The amplification, around 10 mwide and 3 m deep, can be dismantled in order to usethe pit of the orchestra.Estimated time for the staging: 45 minutes for two persons.
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Semicircular stage / proscenium with a bigger size, 12 m of width and around 7 m of depth, to be built with 6M - Mobile platforms, amongst which 24 of the rectangular standard size of 100 x 200 cm and 2 of 100 x 100 cm.The ones underlined with the colour are the platforms of special manufacturing, that is 4 rectangular platforms, 4 triangular and 6 trapezoidal.Estimated time for the staging of the whole structure: 2,5 hours of two people.
Special platforms allows the realization of stages with complex shapes, for instance this amphitheater shape.An example like that of the picture would ask for 20 rectangular platforms 6A - Alta with a standard size of 100 x 200 cm.The platforms 6A - Alta specially manufactured are 3 triangular and 9 trapezoidal.Estimated time for the staging: less than 2,5 hours for two people.
Corner stage for events formed by 40 rectangular platforms 6M - Mobile with standard size of cm 100 x 200 cm.The ramp of access foresees the use of 1 6M1 - Mobile square platform 100 x 100 cm, 6 rectangular platforms of special manufacture, 2 facet and 19 trapezoidal of small size.Estimated time for the staging: 3,5 hours of 2 people.
Palco with gangway and valances made of fabric.The project foresees the use of 19 rectangular 6P - Profis platforms of 200 x 100 cm and 2 platforms 6M4 - Mobile triangular of 100 x 100 x 141 cm, a standard size.Estimated time for the staging: 1,5 hours for two people.
6A3 - Altaтреугольная форма 100 x 100 x 100 см
6A - Altaтрапециевидная форма - изготовление на заказ
6M1 - Mobileквадратная 100 x 100 см
The manufacturing of custom modular platforms allows the realization of stages of any shape and dimension.

However the standard manufacturing foresees square, triangular, rectangular and trapezoidal platforms of various dimensions.
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