Занавес Брехта

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The Занавес Брехта has a central or lateral opening and is equipped with rings hanging on one or two cables tense horizontally.Technically it is a rudimentary Раздвижной занавес, which modest height covers only the lower part of the scene, but has a strong symbolic impact, having been introduced by the Эпический театр, and is now used by various forms of contemporary theater.
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Театр Piccolo, ''Арлекин слуга двух господ'' A famous staging by Giorgio Strehler and Ezio Frigerio which uses a succession of three Занавесы Брехта made of painted ASC - Sceno muslin with walk along opening system.The three cables along which the Кольца of as many Занавесы Брехта are made to slide to make scene changes are visible.
Театр Piccolo, ''Жизнь Галилея'' Luciano Damiani, sketch for Жизнь Галилея.Beneath the stage, in full view, the winch inspired by the famous theatrical mechanical devices by Nicola Sabbatini with which the opening of the Занавес Брехта was operated.It was a brilliant scenographical expedient with which Damiani conjugated the theater by Brecht ...
... with the seventeenth-century stage machines contemporaneous with Galileo.Valerio Morpurgo explains in his book
«... and from the innumerable exploitations of their functionality that countersigned the era of the epic theater found an exemplary solution in the creation by Luciano Damiani for Life of Galileo, an authentic machine moved by winches in full view.»
Театр Piccolo, ''Трёхгрошовая опера'', 1956 «It's enough then to quote the two stagings of The Threepenny Opera: while in the first in 1956 [in this photograph, Editor's Note] Teo Otto, faithful to Brecht's lesson, articulates the representation with the opening and the closing of the authentic Занавес Брехта set to a half height and showing the title of the opera ...»
Театр Piccolo, ''Трёхгрошовая опера'', 1973 «... in the second staging in 1973 Ezio Frigerio makes of it an appendix for the different impending emblems that echo in the show.»The Занавес Брехта made of painted ASC - Sceno muslin ...
... during its opening.Note that the traction system of the curtain has been made in such a way that its surface is kept taut during opening.
The Занавес Брехта normally has two tails with a central opening and is similar to the Раздвижной занавес, of which it can be considered a stylization more suited to the needs of the Эпический театр.
Its height is usually between 2.5 and 4 m and above the curtain one can see the background of the stage.
Its realization is normally carried out with rather simple and crude methods.
The tails, usually made without fullness, are hung with visible Кольца on two ropes stretched in retracted position compared to the proscenium.
The opening is operated, as a rule, manually.

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Театр Piccolo, ''Арлекин слуга двух господ''

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