Театр сарсуэлы, ''El niño judío''


Between two backlit Flats, a Экран обратной проекции made of RCO - Colorado film reproduces a night sky ...
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... which illuminates the back of the scene.At the top, three Плафоны made of white BSU - Super Gobelin tulle are tinted with blue by the chromatic lighting ...
... and become golden here following a change of lights.The rear projection in the background switches off and the center stage and the bas-reliefs of the flats are illuminated, creating the exotic setting in which the action takes place, that is Aleppo at the beginning of the 20th century.
While another flat is lowered to close the background, four dancers bring on stage a waving backdrop made of black HSE - Tempesta silk ...
... that is here illuminated by green light, which dyes with the same colour the entire floor, which has been covered with a carpet made of natural ATS - Toscana canvas.The canvas was painted in large squares ...
... that simulate stone slabs, better visible in a later scene ...
... which takes place in the throne room of the palace of Jamar Jalea, one of the protagonists.
Художник Ana Garay также использовали несколько падуг из черного бархата FBR - Bruxelles и черного шелка HSE - Tempesta, а также задники из тюля BRL - Rexor золотого цвета и муслина ASC - Sceno естественного цвета.
Сарсуэла в двух актах и в четырех сценах
Pablo Luna (1879-1942)
Мадрид, Teatro de Apolo, 5/2/1918

Ana Garay
Light design
Juan Manuel Guerra
Техническое руководство
Carlos Abolafia
Jesús Castejón


Используемые материалы

Экраны обратной проекции

Экраны обратной проекции

ASC - Sceno


ATS - Toscana


BRL - Rexor

Тюль и сетки

BSU - Super Gobelin

Тюль и сетки

FBR - Bruxelles

·Limited fabrics·

HSE - Tempesta

Шёлк и атлас

RCO - Colorado

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