1LCL - Зажим Ø 50 mm


1LCL - Зажим Ø 50 mm - для труб Ø 50 мм
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1LCL - Зажим Ø 50 mm - for pipes Ø 50 mmOn the left the clamp is used with a shackle and a wire rope (not included) to hang a batten.On the right, reversing the mounting position, the clamp is an ideal point for hanging elements below.
1LCL - Зажим Ø 50 mm - для труб Ø 50 мм
The 1LCL - Зажим Ø 50 mm is designed for the vertical suspension of flying bars and trusses (aluminium or steel pipe - Ø 50 mm).
Inverting the mounting position, it can also be used as a fixing point on battens.
All corners are rounded to reduce the risk of entanglement with fabrics (backdrops, drapes, etc).
The16 mm hole is sized for the installation of different shakles.
black powder coated
Диаметр трубы
48 - 51 mm
180 x 50 x 62 mm
845 g
макс. нагрузка
250 кг - Коэффициент безопасности 5
CE сертификат - (Machinery Directive2006/42/CE)
the use of certified shackles is recommended