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Театр Piccolo, ''Трёхгрошовая опера'' After studying architecture at the Politecnico di Milano, Ezio Frigerio alternated the works for the cinema with the theatrical ones, to which he turned more assiduously after the beginning of the collaboration with Джорджо Стрелер.Among the memorable productions at the Piccolo Teatro ...
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... elaborated by Ezio Frigerio for the directions of Strehler, one must surely remember:The Giants of the Mountain, (1966)Saint Joan of the Stockyards, (1970)King Lear, (1972)The Storm, (1980)La grande magia, (1985).And, above all, that of ...
... Театр Piccolo, ''Арлекин слуга двух господ'' With a dozen editions and over half a century of performances, Arlecchino by Piccolo Teatro di Milano directed by Giorgio Strehler and with the scenography by Ezio Frigerio ...
... it is the most famous and seen Italian theatrical show in the world.
Театр Real de Madrid, ''Сказки Гофмана'' The transparency of the backdrops made of BGO - Gobelin tulle with elaborate subjects in Цифровая печать, the picture underlines the rear-illumination of a backdrop realized with the film for rear-projections RTE - Temporale.Numerous also the realizations for the ballet ...
... in which Ezio Frigerio collaborates with personality as Beppe Menegatti, Ролан Пети, Юрий Николаевич Григорович.With Рудольф Нуреев, in 1979, he puts on stage at the Театр алла Скала of Milan Ромео_и_Джульетта by Сергей Прокофьев.
Театр Real de Madrid, ''Дон Жуан'' Games of shadows realized on ASL - Light Sceno backdrops. During the 1980s Frigerio realizes numerous appreciated scenographies for the playhouse with directors like Walter Pagliaro and Virginio Puecher.
The scenographic work of Ezio Frigerio (Erba, Italy, 1930 - Lecco, 2022), also costume designer, is remarkable for the genial articulation of the stage space, performed at times on different levels, with the use of deceptions of the perspective and geometric reconstructions that often use architectural elements (columns, particularly).
An articulation that often reaches levels of inimitable refinement of the composition, in which is underlined a notable interest for the interactions with the light of the reflecting and transparent materials, often of new experimentation.
Frigerio was a stable collaborator of Джорджо Стрелер from 1955, with his first works as a costume designer for the Пикколо театр of Milan, to 1997, year of the death of the great stage director.
A great relief have his numerous collaborations with important international productions, also outside the theatrical circle: in 1991 in fact he received a nomination to the Oscar prize for the scenographies of the film Сирано де Бержерак by the French director Жан-Поль Раппно.

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